CAO Message

I welcome you to the Kandivli Education Society's new initiative, Pre-Primary Teachers' Training course, Early Childhood Care Education (E.C.C.ED.) beginning from 1st August 2016. We, at this institute, strive to adopt international best practices to deliver a desirable result.

The Kandivli Education Society is more than 80 years old and with constantly changing times we need to reinvent our roles, modify the activities to meet the new challenges in education. For the last few years, we felt a need to have good teachers for our ever growing pre primary section. Since we have a large number of students in this section, we understand the quality that is required for pre primary teachers to be successful. We realized that we need specially trained teacher who should be groomed in a special way to be able to work with children of a very tender age. Thus we decided to begin this programme in our own campus.

KES' Institute for Pre-Primary Teachers Training (E.C.C.ED.) will attract students who want of be successful teachers as they will get ample hands-on experience during the training with lectures in all the papers by experts. They will get a chance to be tutored with experienced and trained teachers. These students will also get the benefit of extensive practical training and concept building.

We have designed our teaching methodology in such a way that it increases students knowledge, develop interest and understanding in the subject and appreciate it for a sustaining career.

Welcoming once again all the students who have chosen to be future teachers, a truly noble profession.

Dr. Sangeeta N. Srivastava
Chief Academic Officer, The Kandivli Education Society