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IV for XII Bifocal: Industrial Visit to Large Manufacturing Unit (for XII - MM students) and Power Grid Units (for XII – EM students) … Dates Are Subject to Approval. [Registration Started]

This is the first year college is taking students on Industrial Visit. To begin with, we have planned, only for Bifocal students (that too MM & EM) and in the subsequent times, we will be taking students of all subjects to such tours. Initially, a large Manufacturing Unit (for XII - MM students) and a big Power Grid Units (for XII – EM students) that will enable students.

  • See various tools / machines of high scale capacity from their syllabus
  • Interact with professionals working at that company
  • See the finished products and understand the system flow which they probably have seen in diagram n books only!

Dates are not mentioned here because they are subject to plenty of factors like, Company and permission, place of visit and suitable date, 1-day or overnight visit etc as per college exams. But in all cases, a student has to enroll for such events, as they will be compulsory for all students in that branch, because this will be very educational tour.
We are happy to share that, we already have got permission from Mazgaon Dock Ltd, BEST workshop Wadala, Railway Workshop Parel and a manufacturing Unit at Vasai. Final place and date will be announced to respective batches by respective subject teachers.

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