All the Olympiad Exams (To be held here, in our college only)

IAPT Exams (for Subjects P, C, B & Astronomy) on 25th Nov 2018, Sunday.

This is highly prestigious level talent search exam recognized by Govt. of India that has National team of teachers / educators selecting top scorers for International level. It helps students fetch seats in govt. institutes for further education.
This is similar to an Olympiad exam with syllabus as per all India basis and exams also conducted on all India basis, at the same time. A student can take an exam here, in subject of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and even Astronomy. All the exams are on same day and all are objective papers (MCQs). Though the questions are relatively difficult, it is highly recommended for students who are appearing entrance exams for professional courses like Engineering and Technology (JEE Mains & JEE Advanced). IAPT (Indian Association of Physics Teachers) is an NGO that governs and conducts this exam.

Date of Exam25th Nov 2018, Sunday
Place of ExamShri T P Bhatia College of Science
Exam Fee per student Min Rs.100/- to Rs.150/- Max per subject (Amount as decided by IAPT)
(Amount can be paid to Swati Randive Mam or to college office, there is no separate form for it)

It’s a pen-paper exam; hence students are required to get their own stationery. Much detailed information on SOF or NCO (or sample questions and past papers) can be taken from

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