For ‘Science-Gupshup’ seats are limited, though it’s free of cost but students, who enroll towards the end, may not be allowed.

This is a session where experts from the field of science and technology come here (on our request), to interact with our students and motivate them for that field. Students, who want to pursue certain course and want to make their career in any specialized field, can derive great help by interacting with experts of that field.

The “Science-Gupshup” session was started in the college (since 2013) with the motive of enthralling the seeds of science and technology among young students by very own hands of experts in their fields. If these seeds germinate after proper nurturing, we may see some of our own students landing up to the top positions where they can pursue their dreams … in space science, in genetics, in mechanical engineering or even in robotics, etc. Young minds just need a proper guidance and little motivation, based on which they can continue following their passions. Here, we just pledge to be the medium through which our students can meet pioneers of these fields. Scientists from various renowned institutes like IIT, BARC, TIFR, UDCT (ICT), NSC etc are roped in to who interact with these enthusiasts and try germinating those seeds which can fill their places after certain years.

These hour-long interactive sessions are brought to our students at no cost but the passion to follow their dreams. In the past, eminent personalities who have come here and given prestige to our program are -

  1. Dr. Bhisette Satyanarayan, Sr. Scientist, Dept. of Nuclear Energy, TIFR.
  2. Dr. Mayank Vahia, Sr. Scientist, Dept. of Astronomy, TIFR (Instrumental in Chandrayaan project and MOM and many other space programs of India)
  3. Dr. Dwarkanath Kale, Sr. Professor, Dept. of Polymer Engineering, ICT, Mumbai.
  4. Dr. Siraj Ansari, Scientist, BARC.
  5. Dr. Shanil Poojary, Genetic Engineering, R & D Dept, Thyrocare
  6. Shri Suhas Naik-Satam, Chief Co-ordinator of Nehru Science Center, Mumbai.

Students are encouraged to volunteer themselves and attend such sessions. Listening and interacting with such people, will only add values to their education and knowledge. It may empower them reach their goals in right way and faster. College will always promote such steps taken by students and will stand by their sides in supporting them to fulfill their dreams. If there is any exclusive field (or a customary conventional field) on which, our students want a session by such experts, they can write to us or inform us via this site or directly interact with authorities (Principal, Vice Principal or In-Charge teachers). Students can look for photographs of past sessions on our website.

Details of speakers for this year’s sessions, will be put up shortly. Students can enroll beforehand.

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